Unexpected Surprise

Sometimes I think God has a keen sense of humour. This thought came to me as I was reminded of an incident a number of years ago that took place in Freedom Plaza Cabramatta.  I was giving out gospel tracts one wintry Saturday morning. There seemed to be few people about and even fewer who would take a tract. That was unusual, not many people would decline a giveaway especially if it was written in their own language.

Anyway things were not encouraging, so I gave a quick prayer saying to God that if he wanted me to be there he needed to show me in a practical way. Within a few minutes a line of about a dozen Buddhists monks in shaven heads and robes and sandals appeared in line in John Street. Nothing exceptional about that in Cabramatta except that they were all Caucasians not Asian. Nonetheless almost immediately, it seemed as if from nowhere, a good sized crowd of local people appeared, to bow and offer respect to the monks. Well here was the crowd I wanted, so I moved into action offering tracts in local languages and English to these people. I guess because I was Caucasian and so were the monks, they assumed I was part of the Buddhist procession and eagerly took the tracts and in about five minutes I had completely exhausted my supply.

I think I could almost see God having a little chuckle as the gospel was put into the hands of people.

Andrew Plater